Important Contributors for Denver Broncos in 2018

AP Photo/Ben Margot

For every team in the National Football League improvements on the previous year are always needed. Even if you’re the Super Bowl winning franchise. The NFL champion Eagles added defensive players who make that side of the ball even more dangerous. The Denver Broncos are no different. Each off season, teams reload and replenish rosters to be better this year than they were the last.

Last year was a challenging one for Broncos players and fans alike. After enduring a season like 2017 players on both offense and defense will be asked to step up. Here are a few that will improve the Broncos’ chances in 2018.

Derek Wolfe

Wolfe’s year was cut short with a neck injury on December 5th. His absence was felt in the pass rush and run defense. A successful year will be possible if the massive defensive end can stay healthy. Wolfe has developed into a quality starter, but his contract is up after 2019. He hasn’t started a full season since 2014, so this is a pivotal year for the seventh year defensive end.

Bradley Roby

With the loss of Aqib Talib this off season, Roby will be stepping into the starter role with high expectations. The fifth year cornerback has been in a nickle corner role for most of his career. There he has held his own with some of the league’s shiftier slot receivers. In 2018, Roby will be asked to shutdown the NFL’s top notch WRs. His production since entering the league in 2014 shows he is more than ready for his promotion. He will have to fill the shoes of a Hall of Fame caliber cornerback.

Bradley Chubb

First round selection Bradley Chubb already has quite the expectations coming into his rookie year. He will be playing on the opposite side of the defensive line from Von Miller, which will instantly help his development. The former Bronco, DeMarcus Ware, has been hired to help teach pass rush techniques and word out of camp is the expertise is paying dividends. Being a top 5 overall pick, Chubb will be an anticipated elite pass rusher and run defender.

Case Keenum

In Keenum’s first year with the Broncos, he will be looked at to bring the franchise back to the promised land. He nearly brought the Minnesota Vikings to their first Super Bowl since 1977. He beat the New Orleans Saints in the divisional round before losing to the eventual Super Bowl champs in the NFC Championship. Denver has been building an offense around him and drafting weapons for him to utilize. John Elway and the front office are doing everything in their power to put Case in the best position possible to succeed. It will be telling how he can follow up his career year in Minnesota.