The Broncos Defense can Haul the Team Back to the ‘Ship in 2018

All three of Denver’s Super Bowl winning seasons had a defense that was able to carry the team to the promised land regardless of the offense pulling it’s own weight. Thankfully in Elway’s later years, he had a Hall of Fame running back to take the load off of his aging shoulders. Back in 2015 we got a little case of deja vu. CJ Anderson was no T.D. by any stretch, but his efforts coupled with the stellar defense were enough to earn a third Lombardi.

To start off the Broncos’ comeback season the front office nabbed Bradley Chubb after the Browns passed him up. He will immediately contribute opposite Von Miller to evolve the defensive side of the ball into the dangerous force we all knew and still love. Emmanuel Sanders, who is going into his fifth year with the Broncos and contributed in Super Bowl 50, already has said that this year feels more like 2015 than the hot mess we witnessed last year.

The offense should be much improved this coming season, Sanders has seen “big time plays” throughout OTAs. Head Coach Vance Joseph is also impressed with rookie Royce Freeman out of Oregon. With Anderson off to Carolina in free agency, the hole in the Broncos’ backfield needed filled. The first year power back may be just what the offense needed.

The defense hasn’t been a concern since 2010-2011. However, from what we all watched through 16 games in 2017 the offense needs significant improvement. The last time the offense struggled like that was with Manning, but with him under center you can count on him to make the right reads and audibles regardless of arm strength and mobility. If Keenum can harness his Minnesota form, the Denver Broncos should taste the playoffs yet again.