Von Miller can Redefine the “Prime Years” for Linebackers

In a full season Von Miller has not totalled anything less than a double digit sack total in his seven seasons. In 2013, his lone season with fewer than 10 sacks, he played nine games. He received a six game suspension in July of 2013 and tore his ACL in December.

He started every game in each season since, staying undeniably durable at a position where it is difficult to do so. There are only a handful of players at Von’s position that have been equally as enduring. One of which helped him to a Super Bowl ring.

Demarcus Ware, who has been working as a temporary coach this off-season, can give some pointers to Miller on how to have a lasting career. Ware won his first Vince Lombardi Trophy in 2015 with the Broncos at age 32. He returned in 2016 and retired at season’s end. With that experience Ware undoubtedly gave Von some advice on how to last in the league.

Miller has worked tirelessly on his diet of late and it has shown on the field. He hasn’t had injury scares since his third year in the NFL. For the Denver Broncos to live up to expectations in 2018 they will have to keep him on the field. If history is any indication, the Broncos should be in for an exciting year.