Where the NFL Stands in 2018

Since 2016, politics have held a firm grasp in the everyday workings of the National Football League. The player who got this ball rolling is currently no longer participating in NFL activities, and hasn’t been for nearly two years. That hasn’t stopped many other players from mixing in to the gumbo pot however. With that, I wanted to take a look ahead at how the 2018 season may play out.

By now, most fans know that Roger Goodell, the entrenched NFL commissioner, has made the decision to fine players who are seen kneeling during the games opening National Anthem. He also said that beyond that, each individual team has the right to punish players how they see fit. This leaves the league open to controversy.

Organizations, for instance the Dallas Cowboys, will likely have stronger sanctions than that of a team like the San Francisco 49ers. This is where some can foreshadow more specific guidelines by the league office. This ruling alone has some saying that those who were not necessarily looking to speak out before, may do so now.

The NFL front office has mentioned players staying in the locker room until after the anthem is played. The vague ruling by the front office leaves room for some confusion and frustration for players and fans alike. Though that leaves room for improvement and change. It remains to be seen how these changes, along with the in-game rules that have been tweaked in the off season will impact the 2018 campaign.

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