How Will Rule Changes Affect the NFL in 2018?

Image By: Brook Ward

It’s been a few years now and the line is blurred significantly when anyone is questioned what an NFL catch is. Nobody can answer this. For the first time in forever the league is looking at taking away the requirement of carrying the ball through contact with the ground.

A year after the league office made many rule changes, in 2018 they are going back to the drawing board to try again. The current catch rule had affected multiple outcomes of games in just the 2017 season alone. Pittsburgh vs New England might be the biggest example. If the refs would have gotten that right, (he broke the plane with the football) the Steelers would effectively been the number one seed going into the playoffs in a crucial part of the season.

The commissioner is also reportedly looking at the rule where a team may be able to speak to a coach of a playoff team about a possible hire for the next season. This comes up because of the Josh McDaniels fiasco.

If you’re not familiar, McDaniels was verbally hired as the next head coach of the Indianapolis Colts while the Patriots, where McDaniels was the offensive coordinator, were still riding out the playoffs. After they lost in the Super Bowl, McDaniels backtracked on his word and the Colts were left scrambling for a coach. I don’t think any rule would make McDaniels eligible for another head coaching stint after what he did here in Denver and this latest episode however.

At least Roger Goddell can tell when something isn’t right and then attempt to fix it. I’d go on record as a supporter of his efforts to make most everyone happy around the league. He also seems pretty genuine in making the game safer as well.

Tell me what you think about the upcoming rule changes and what you’d like to see fixed for the 2018 season.