Former Miami Dolphins Lineman Detained

Today, February 23rd around 1:00PM, Jonathan Martin was taken into custody for an ominous Instagram post he put online an hour or so earlier.

The post said “when you’re a bully victim and a coward, your options are suicide, or revenge”. Within the picture he tagged two former students of the high school he attended and Richie Incognito as well as Mike Pouncey. Both were past teammates while Martin played for the Miami Dolphins.

It was well documented when the first incident between Incognito and Martin happened that bad blood was evident. Reports came out that Martin had been the victim of racist comments made by Incognito and other instances of bullying or hazing within the organization.

Obviously since those first encounters Martin has been having trouble coping with the events. Clearly he needs major support around him at this time.

The latest from the situation is that he has been taken into custody by police who were informed of the Instagram post. I will have an update story as more comes out.