How the Broncos can improve in 2018

Image by Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The 2017 season was far from what Denver Broncos fans have come to expect of late. Of course we have gotten spoiled from the 2012-15 seasons, but the expectations are always going to be high with John Elway still leading the team. Under a Hall of Fame quarterback’s supervision unsatisfactory QB play has got to be discouraging.

Elway knows what he wants to see from that position. When Siemian, Lynch and Osweiler all contribute to the problems of the team I’m sure he will know what issues need to be fixed. That’s why I’ll be taking a look at what went wrong and how the issues can be immediately fixed.


Like I said the main issue last year was inconsistent game managing from the most important position. Siemian had a nice couple of games to start off the year, but it all went down hill from week 3 onward. Lynch seems to be a project still and we all know what we’re getting from Osweiler. Trading Siemian seems logical and having Osweiler on a one year deal makes that an easy decision to make. Lynch should be given more time to progress but making a strong push for Kirk Cousins this off-season is a must.


With all the speculation that Talib may be moving on I would look into free agency for a veteran. A cornerback that can compete for a couple years to keep the window open on a Super Bowl run is what the secondary needs, given the Broncos land Cousins. Vontae Davis has been solid for awhile and if Marcus Peters would be on the market trading for him would be huge. Bradley Roby has done well enough in the third cornerback position/in the slot but he got beat badly a few times last season. He should be expected to compete for that second starting position.

Middle Linebacker

Play from both Todd Davis and Brandon Marshall in 2017 took a huge dive. Neither one can be counted on to stick with running backs out of the backfield. Zaire Anderson should be given every chance to compete with Davis for that side of the field and chasing a veteran in the off-season for Marshall’s duties should be a thought as well. It was all too noticeable how weak that position was all year.

Wide Receiver

The front office should be a bit lenient on Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders on their down year in 2017. Given Siemian’s struggles and Osweiler/Lynch’s inability to pick up the slack, it’s not surprising they had trouble getting on the same page all year. Still not all the blame can be put on the quarterbacks. Thomas has had problems with drops the past few seasons and reports about Sanders being a locker room problem have surfaced. They both produced numbers at the position that every team would like to accomplish but I believe a third skilled wideout would help immensely.

Let me know how you think the Broncos can improve in 2018 and which positions need fresh additions.