Kirk Cousins in Orange and Blue?

Since the end of 2015, the Broncos have been searching for a quarterback that could do enough to keep the team in championship position. They drafted Trevor Siemian in the seventh round that year and they had Brock Osweiler waiting, he was the presumed heir apparent. That off-season however, Osweiler decided to capitalize on a big contract offer from the Houston Texans. Mark Sanchez was quietly signed in the 2016 off-season and Paxton Lynch was drafted 26th overall the same year.

Thus the three way competition took hold, though it was less glamorous than expected. Sanchez fizzled out and was released. Lynch proved to be a work in progress. Siemian won the job in 2016 and again assumed the position the year following. Both the 2016/’17 seasons turned out to be lukewarm showings of a team thought to be capable of repeating after a masterful defensive show in 2015.

Today, Denver is in the market for a savior and Kirk Cousins is looking for a home where he is wanted. He will be craving one of the highest paid contracts in NFL history presumably, a contract which Denver may or may not be able to accommodate. The Broncos will attempt to free up some cap space in order to make a run for Cosuins, but how desirable a landing spot Denver is to Captain Kirk remains to be seen.

Cousins may decide the Vikings or Jets have more well-rounded rosters at the moment. He could also take the elite money route and seek a contract from the Cleveland Browns in hopes to turn their fortunes around. The Broncos, however, have an elite defense returning and two pro bowl wide receivers waiting on an arm capable of getting them the pigskin. Denver shouldn’t be written off just yet. It goes without saying, this off-season will be an interesting one.